Humiliation Before Revival

Humiliation Before Revival

It is not uncommon to hear the confession that we need a revival. But, is this confession associated with overwhelming humiliation, embarrassment, and shame, that rests upon a congregation or region?

To confess a need for revival is making an extremely humbling confession, and that is that we have, in varying degrees, set the Holy Spirit outside of our lives and outside the life of The Church. We have then allowed the spirit of the world in. We are then left to “do church,” or to attempt to live a Christian life, without the presence or favor of God (Dan. 9:17). That is what is confessed when we say, “we need a revival.”

If we follow Daniel’s prayer (Dan. 9:3-19 NIV) and confess The Church’s need for a revival, we must confess that,

1. A great DISASTER has taken place (vs. 12, 13, 14).
2. That we are covered with SHAME (vs. 7, 8).
3. That EMBARRASSMENT causes us to hang our heads before the world (vs. 16) and,
4. HUMILIATION moves us toward our knees in genuine repentance (vs. 3).

Are we there yet?

The greatest prayer for revival is a plea for MERCY (vs. 4, 9, 18).

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