Most who Lead Revivals are Young

Most who Lead Revivals are Young

In the Moravian revival, August 1727, the congregation was young. Zinzendorf, the leader of the group, was 27. This also happened to be about the average age of those within the group.

The first thing we notice about the call of Jeremiah is his youthfulness. When God called him he cried in his great distress: “Ah, Lord God I behold I cannot speak: for I am a child.” (Jer. 1:6)

Why are God’s special instruments young? Probably the answer is to be found in the fact that young men are more malleable than the old. Most people are converted when young, and the Lord loves to get His servant before backsliding or prejudice can spoil him.

Robert McCheyne died at 29 years old, after leading a revival in Dundee Scotland for 6 years.

There is No Limit on Age

Just because it is most common for God to call the young to initiate revivals, it doesn’t mean the more mature pastors among us are passed over merely because of their age.

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