Will the Tri-State Revival Last?

We returned from our ministry overseas in 2015 due to a clear calling from God to unite churches in the tri-state area of IN, MI, and OH to pray and plan for revival. We have worked with many communities since our return and have seen 13 county-wide revival prayer gatherings conducted.

The level of prayer has set a historic precedent, and we believe the awaited revival is soon to be seen. We want to see this revival last as long as possible, and so we must answer the question, “Will the Tri-State Revival last?” This post is our answer to that question.


Revivals have always been temporary. From historically documented revivals, we know that they last from a few months to 6 years on average. Revivals come and go like seasons, but their value is inestimable. They are like springtime blossoms in a field which only lasts a short time, yet they in turn produce a large harvest of food that ensures life will continue long into the future.

How the Tri-State Revival Can be Prolonged

  1. Humble ourselves now, and continually guard our hearts from pride, for it is pride that causes a need for revival in the first place, and it is always pride that brings one to an end.
  2. Continual persistent prayer has always been present before any revival has started. When prayer subsides, so will the revival.
  3. Focus on God, not the fruit of the revival. Guard yourselves from having a focus on numbers, even the number who may be revived or born again. This focus should also not be on experiences, even if they are genuine God-sent experiences.
  4. We must confess any sin and diligently guard ourselves from all influences toward evil.
  5. Anticipate opportunities to share about the change God has made in your life. Revivals are for the renewal of evangelistic passion and power. If that power is not used when given, it will be taken away and the revival will fade.
  6. Establish a discipleship process that provides a clear strategy to mature believers in their unique calling. We cannot foolishly hope in “discipleship by osmosis.” The gifts of administration must be employed in this area or the fruit will quickly spoil.


Posted December 5, 2017
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