Tri-State Revival Prayer Gathering is Leading to 500 Churches Uniting in Prayer for Revival

Tri-State Revival Prayer Gathering: Chet & Phyllis Swearingen; Miranda & Pastor Benaiah Harris (Montpelier, OH); Pastor Galena Conatser (Livonia, MI); Pastor Mark & Jill Yurich (Warren, MI).

Tri-State Revival Prayer Gathering L – R:
Chet & Phyllis Swearingen;
Miranda & Pastor Benaiah Harris (Montpelier, OH);
Pastor Galena Conatser (Livonia, MI);
Pastor Mark & Jill Yurich (Warren, MI).

The Tri-State Revival Prayer Gathering that took place on Sept. 15, 2015, in Montpelier, OH, was a historic and tremendous success, as pastors and intercessors from thirty-five counties spent 3 hours seeking God for revival!

After the event we sent out requests for attendees to reply with their evaluations of the event. One responder suggested we consider conducting similar prayer gatherings, but on a local level. By following through on that suggestion, we believe over 500 churches can easily be united in prayer, and we ask that you join with us in this very achievable goal.

Beautiful Feet has been blessed with relationships in 35 counties. Through those relationships we believe 15 churches in each county can be unified in praying for revival. With just 15 churches in each county uniting together in prayer, the goal of 500 churches would be exceeded!

FIFTY churches have already united on the Tri-State Revival Prayer Network.

To track the number of churches participating, we invite pastors or ministry leaders to indicate their willingness to unite by allowing us at Beautiful Feet to place their church on the Beautiful Feet webpage, which was specifically designed for this purpose (no cost involved to unite).

If your church or intercessory prayer group is interested in being a part of this effort, please contact us. We’d greatly enjoy the opportunity to communicate with you about how you can play a vital role in uniting 500 churches!


We at Beautiful Feet received absolutely no funding to organize the prayer gathering in Montpelier, OH on September 15, 2015. If we were to do that again, and even expand it by conducting the prayer gatherings in counties all over the tristate area (35+ counties), we will need additional support to make it happen.

If you feel the Lord would have you be a part in supporting this effort with your financial gifts, donations can be made to Beautiful Feet by clicking this link.

Your Financial Partnership with Us is
Greatly Appreciated!


Posted October 1, 2015

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