The Churches

The below poem, as found in Oswald J. Smith’s book–The Revival We Need,
can help us stay focused on our true source for spiritual power. Zech. 4:6


 A city full of churches,

Good workers, eager, earnest,

Who labour hour by hour:

But where, oh where, my brothers!

Is God’s Almighty power?

Refinement: Education!

They want the very best.

Their plans and schemes are perfect,

They give themselves no rest;

They get the best of talent,

They try their uttermost,

But what they need, my brother,

Is God the Holy Ghost!

We may spend time and money

And preach from wisdom’s lore,

But education only

Will keep God’s people poor.

God wants not worldly wisdom.

He seeks no smiles to win;

But what is needed, brother,

Is that we deal with sin!

It is the Holy Spirit,

That quickeneth the soul.

God will not take man-worship,

Nor bow to man’s control.

No human innovation,

No skill, or worldly art,

Can give a true repentance,

Or break the sinner’s heart!

We may have human wisdom,

Grand singing, great success;

There may be fine equipment,

But these things do not bless.

God wants a pure, clean vessel,

Anointed lips and true,

A man filled with the Spirit,

To speak His message through.

Great God, revive us truly!

And keep us every day;

That men may all acknowledge

We live just as we pray.

The Lord’s hand is not shortened,

He still delights to bless;

If we depart from evil

And all our sins confess.

Samuel Stevenson

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