AS A JOKE, Chet always reminds people on trips around the province they work in: if the car gets stuck in the mud, the men must stay in the air-conditioned car and unite in intense prayer so the car can get out of the hole—while the women get outside and push 😊.  That has been a “standing regulation” for about 8 years.

The lady who helped push the
car is to Phyllis’ left.

While visiting with widows and orphans a couple weeks ago, we drove down a steep hill to make one of our visits. When we went to leave we couldn’t get enough traction to go back up the hill. Phyllis, knowing the 8-year old regulation, refused to get out of the car and push, while Chet and the other man made the commitment to stay in the car and pray!

The stout widow we had just visited saw our distress and ran to assist and began pushing. Chet, being obedient to the regulation, prayed…, but after seeing the widow wasn’t able to push the car up the hill, he got out and together they pushed the car all the way up the 100-foot hill.

At the top of the hill Chet was panting hard, trying to catch his breath. His leg muscles let him know they were not pleased with the demand he had just placed on them. 😊  The widow, however, accustomed to a life of strenuous work, was smiling as if no demand had been placed on her. She just stood there smiling joyfully, knowing that she was able to help a “man in distress.” 😊

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