More than a Seminar – It’s an Encounter with God!

More than a Seminar – It’s an Encounter with God!

Comments Following Our Recent

“Only 1 Spark Revival Seminars”

“I felt it was an encounter with God!”

“This was so much more than an informational seminar.”

“I would have paid a lot more for registration.”

“This was beyond anything I imagined.”

“I could have listened for several more hours.”

“Extend the seminar to 8 hours.”

“The seminar more than met my expectations.”

“The seminar went far beyond meeting my expectations.”

~There were many similar comments.


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Our “Only 1 Spark Revival Seminar” is extremely unique. We don’t know if anything like this has ever been assembled before. We believe this is the work of God preparing the region for what is to soon take place.

Contact us to have this seminar conducted in your church or community.

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Chet: (260) 920-8271
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►Pastor Daniel Turner – Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Lapeer, MI
►Pastor Tim Martin – New Life Christian Church, Attica, MI
►Pastor Andrew Terry – Hub Fellowship, Lapeer, MI
►Pastor Roger Dilley – The Rock, Fort Wayne, IN
►Pastor Francois Mikobi – International Fellowship Church, Fort Wayne, IN

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