Revival, Is it Possible Today?

Some say nothing can change the hearts of men as we move toward the end days, when the Bible explains there will be increasing apostasy. It may be questioned if people who claim that also claim that they themselves would be incapable of being revived, if their hearts happened to grow cold. Should we then stop all efforts to build ourselves up, and that of others—on our most holy faith—knowing that the Word of God cannot be broken?

Right now, in many regions of the globe people are thronging to Christ (China, Africa, India). The Bible is to be interpreted universally, globally, and if it is the last days, and the Bible has been written for all tongues, tribes and nations, and not only to be interpreted from a closed American mindset, how do we explain the mass conversions?

We can’t say we are moving towards the “end times apostasy” Scripture speaks of, only because churches and believers in the U.S.A. are drying up and lacking power. When we see power being displayed in other regions of the globe, and the Church of Jesus Christ making tremendous gains, there must be another explanation.

Is the Bible Lacking Power?

Revival absolutely is possible because God’s Word is still true [revival promises], to all people everywhere, and He is still calling sinners to repentance. Regardless of how much time remains till the last days, we are called to live our lives filled with the Holy Spirit, charging toward our future glorification when we see Him face to face. The questions facing us then is:

  • Will we, in humility, acknowledge our wandering heart and turn back to God in true repentance and seek genuine sanctification?
  • Will we separate ourselves from this world’s entertainments and pleasures and seek instead to fulfill His pleasure?
  • Will we yield ourselves as tools God can use to bring in His harvest?


“What are the prospects of revival?” asked the writer of an aged servant of God. “They are as bright as the promises of God,” was the swift reply.
—Arthur Wallis, in The Day of Thy Power

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