Report On IGNITE II: Paulding County Ohio’s 2nd Revival Prayer Gathering

Best thing that took place on this night—one young man repented from his sins and surrendered his life to Christ, and others were significantly touched and broken by God!

Breakout Group Prayer

On January 23, 2017, believers from across Paulding County Ohio gathered in the Paulding High School auditeria and prayed two hours, specifically rejoicing and giving thanks to the Lord for the reviving they sense is taking place in their county. The prayers were led by area pastors, youth, as well as respected leaders in the community.

Worship music was provided by the worship team from The House of Prayer, Montpelier, OH, led by Miranda Harris, the wife of that church’s Sr. Pastor.

Dwight Stoller, former owner of Stoller Honey, began the evening with an overview of the amount of unity in prayer that has developed in the county. He explained that though there has been tremendous unity in prayer, prayer alone will not accomplish the Great Commission. He explained that a strategy must be put into place to “put feet to our prayers.”

Paulding County Ohio
Jan. 23, 2017

Chet Swearingen, of the Auburn, IN based revival ministry Beautiful Feet, who has been praying monthly alongside Paulding County believers since October 2015, offered a prayer, giving honor to the many agencies, organizations, and entities that make Paulding County a wholesome place to live. He then gave a brief presentation of a Beautiful Feet Celebration, which a group of community pastors and leaders see as the means by which the county can “put feet to their prayers.” Chet went on to explain that a Beautiful Feet Celebration is a “re-tooling” for area churches in preparation for a well-coordinated evangelistic effort in the county. He also explained that a Beautiful Feet Celebration is something similar to the traditionally known “evangelistic crusade,” or “revival services.”

Chet informed those gathered that there is already strong support for a Beautiful Feet Celebration and that a “Launch Team” of respected area pastors and community leaders is already in place to carry this plan forward. Due to some pastors not being able to be present during IGNITE II, Chet said that during the next few weeks he will be working with the “Launch Team” to set up informational meetings to answer questions that pastors, community leaders, and business owners will have concerning the Beautiful Feet Celebration.


Launch Team

  1. Pastor Greg Cramer – Branch Christian Fellowship
  2. Sue Paulus – First Presbyterian Church Paulding
  3. Pastor Jack Fetter – Grace Community Church
  4. Pastor Stan Harmon – Auglaize Chapel Church of God
  5. Gary Keck– Freedom Church
  6. Pastor Brad Colley – Freedom Church
  7. Tom Rhonehouse – First Presbyterian Church Antwerp
  8. Pastor Mike Pennington – First Presbyterian Church Antwerp
  9. Dwight Stoller – County Line Church of God


If interested in attending a Paulding County Beautiful Feet Celebration informational meeting, contact Beautiful Feet:

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