Recommended Reading on Revivals

Barnett, Brenton MacArthur
Catch Fire: A Call to Spiritual Awakening

Blackaby, Henry T.
Fresh Encounter: Experiencing God in Revival and Spiritual Awakening

Bright, Bill
The Coming Revival: America’s Call to Fast, Pray, and “Seek God’s Face”

Campbell, Duncan
The Price and Power of Revival
When the Mountains Flowed Down

Cho, Paul Yonggi
Prayer: Key to Revival

Cymbala, Jim
Fresh Wind Fresh Fire

DeArteaga, William
Quenching the Spirit

Edwards, Johnathan
The Life and Diary of David Brainerd
The Revival Writings of Jonathan Edwards
Religious Affections

Harvey, Edwin & Lillian
Kneeling We Triumph

Kirkpatrick, John
Feast of Fire: The Father’s Day Outpouring
When the Heavens Are Brass: Keys to Genuine Revival

Lean, Garth
Strangely Warmed: The Amazing Life of John Wesley

Malins, Ian
Prepare The Way For Revival

Mills, Brian
Preparing for Revival

Murphy, Owen
When God Stepped Down from Heaven

Orr, J. Edwin
The Flaming Tongue
The Second Evangelical Awakening
A Call for the Re-study of Revival and Revivalism
The Outpouring of the Spirit in Revival and Awakening and Its Issue in Church Growth.

Ravenhill, Leonard
Revival Praying
Why Revival Tarries

Smith, J. Oswald Smith
The Revival We Need

Shelhamer, E. E.
Finney on Revival

Tenney, Tommy
The God Chasers

Towns, Elmer and Neil Anderson
Rivers of Revival

Wallis, Arthur
In the Day of Thy Power

Waugh, Geoff
Revival Fires; History of Mighty Revivals

Whittaker, Colin
Great Revivals

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