Preparing for the Harvest: A Beautiful Feet Seminar

To prepare for the harvest that is expected from the Beautiful Feet Celebration that will be conducted by Paulding County Ohio churches on July 16-19, at the Wayne Trace High School, Beautiful Feet will conduct their “Preparing for the Harvest” seminar on the following dates.

Paulding County Ohio
Preparing for the Harvest

Session #1
Thursday, April 20 from 7-9pm
*Saturday, April 22 from 9-11am

Session #2
Thursday, April 27 from 7-9pm
*Saturday, April 29 from 9-11am

Session #3
Thursday, May 4 from 7-9pm
*Saturday, May 6 from 9-11am

* Training on Thursdays and Saturdays will be identical.

Location: First Presbyterian Church of Paulding (EPC); 114 West Caroline Street, Paulding, OH



(Deadline for Registration, April 17, 2017)

Though the seminar is being provided at no cost, registration is required and can be conducted in one of two ways:
1. Our online registration form, which can be accessed with this link, or,
2. Calling Beautiful Feet—(260) 920-8248.

Seminar Topics

Producing a Biblical Product
This lesson will explore what we are trying to produce, and that being a replica of Jesus Christ, and not a person who merely repeats a sinner’s prayer with no corresponding lifestyle change.

This segment will present several simple ways of sharing the Gospel. Tools will be provided that will help remove the fear of sharing the Gospel. Participant’s eyes will be opened to vast evangelistic opportunities.

Guidance will be given on how to conduct immediate follow-up with new converts. This will be directions for those conducting follow-up at the Beautiful Feet Celebration, as well as follow-up with new converts in the local church.

Making Disciple-Makers
This session will lay a practical foundation in how to guide a new convert as they develop into a mature reproducing disciple-maker.

Spiritual Gift Inventory
Each participant will be given a tool that will enable them to discover how God has uniquely designed them.

Equipping Ministry
A simple process will be taught that will aid churches in guiding every person in their congregation towards maturity. Equipping tracks will be explained and churches will then be able to develop their own model.

You Have a Unique Purpose
This time together will open each participant’s eyes to the broad scope of their individual purpose in God’s plan of salvation for the world.

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