Preparation for the 1971 Saskatoon Revival

Miss Sunday morning if you have to; miss Sunday evening if you must, but never miss the prayer meeting unless you are dead.    -Pastor Bill McLeod

 The above quote was from Pastor Bill McLeod, speaking to his congregation prior to the revival starting in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (1971).


The results of the revival is seen from a excerpt of a letter written
by Leonard Ravenhill on December 2, 1971.

►Meetings last until after midnight (nobody wants to leave the presence of God);

►Couples tore up their divorce papers before a thousand people;

►The chief of police says that there is a rash of confessing of crimes;

►Shopkeepers say they are staggered by the great number of folk owning up to shoplifting;

►Lawyers, psychologists, and a Jesuit priest get saved;

►Deacons and many church members confess with tears and with great shame and brokenness that they have been living in adultery, fornication, thieving, and lying;

►Men from those meetings in Saskatoon, Canada, fly east to preach at the Toronto Bible College chapel hour, and the hour lasts until one the next morning, with great humiliation and confessions;

►All this and loads more happens night after night for several weeks, one might say that there is a touch of REVIVAL.

►No star-studded platform, no huge budget, no gimmicks were in evidence.

►There is an outbreak in the Canadian city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is shaking under the power of God.

►Spin-off revivals taking place in many other cities.



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