Host the“Only 1 Spark Revival Seminar” in Your Church


The Only 1 Spark Revival Seminar was developed by Chet Swearingen, the founder and president of the revival ministry Beautiful Feet. Chet has had first hand experiences with revivals, as well as studied them extensively. Revivals he has experienced are:

1. The Jesus Movement of the 1960s – 1970s
2. The USS Barry Revival 1979-1981
3. Revival movement while serving overseas as missionaries (this revival atmosphere is ongoing).


Now scheduling for late fall 2017
and winter and spring 2018.

Seminar Topics
1. What is a Revival?
2. Biblical Revivals
3. Historic Revivals
4. Themes Common in Revival
5. Planning and Praying for Revival
6. Testing the Genuineness of a Revival
7. Why Revivals are Feared by Some
8. Why Revivals Die
9. Testing Spiritual Phenomena During Revivals
10. And much, much more!


How will the Seminar Benefit You
This seminar could very well be the event that sets you, your congregation, and your community on fire. From past experience with this seminar, participants have testified of the Holy Spirit’s presence that comes into the room where the seminar is being conducted and stirs hearts with a greater hunger for God.

Length of the Seminar
This seminar can be modified to suit the schedule of the host church. For the greatest benefit, a six-hour time frame is recommended.


Contact Beautiful Feet to schedule this seminar at your church.
Phone: (260) 920-8248

Beautiful Feet
P.O. Box 915
Auburn, IN 46706

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