Ministering to Homosexuals

In Jacksonville, my Disciple-Maker (spiritual mentor) introduced me to Tom, who was at that time a practicing homosexual. He was making steps toward Christ but was struggling with his sexual addiction. In a short period of time, Tom was delivered from demon possession and was radically saved. But even though he placed his faith in Christ he was still struggling with the temptations and allurements from his previous lifestyle.

Amphitheater in Trieste, Italy May 26, 1979

Amphitheater in Trieste, Italy
May 26, 1979

One of the difficulties Tom faced was the pride he had in his hair. It had been long and flowing, and by his own admission, he said it was “gorgeous.” After his conversion, he knew he had to deal a deathblow to what he used to attract men, so he shaved off his “beautiful head of hair.” This was his way of demonstrating genuine repentance.

With Tom’s background in the homosexual culture, he was able to teach me how I could approach and minister to people who struggle with that particular temptation. He was now on the path of discipleship and became an effective witness to other homosexuals. Tom would never have been used by the Lord the way he was if it wasn’t for the faithfulness of our Disciple-Maker, who tirelessly poured herself into people who wanted a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

USS Canopus (AS-34) The second ship Benteng was stationed on.

USS Canopus (AS-34)
The second ship Chet was stationed on.

It was well known in the early 1980s that the U.S. Navy did not have a shortage of homosexuals or lesbians. The second ship I was on, the (USS Canopus (AS-34), permitted females to be onboard. A large number of these young women were practicing lesbians. It was tragic to watch new female recruits come on board, and observe how quickly they were absorbed into this deviant sub-culture. Young impressionable girls, wanting to grow up and fit in with the crowd, were easily swayed to join in on the all-female orgies. If my Disciple-Maker would not have previously trained me on how to approach this sin from a loving Christian perspective, I would have made a mess of the opportunities the Lord brought into my path.

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