New Jungle Settlement in Progress

Opportunity to Give Permanent Homes to a Clan of 300 Christians

Since November 2016 we have been praying for the finances to provide a settlement in the jungle for a primitive and nomadic ethnic group—the majority of which have become Christians. We now have specific amounts of what this project will cost. If you feel led of the Lord to contribute, we will give you regular updates and answer your questions concerning your specific donation. You can even go with us next November to see this site for yourself!

Ten families now living on the land
in their traditional homes with no walls.

Your donations have already purchased the 2.47 acres of land this settlement is being built on—THANK YOU!

From the pictures, you can see that 10 families have already moved onto the land. They are living in their traditional homes (with no walls) until the new homes get built.


HOMES: Though small, these new homes will be an amazing blessing for these people who have never lived in one.
►$2,248—9’ x 9’ house. The plan is to begin by building 10 of these.

Before they were able to obtain plastic,
the roofs were thatched.

WATER WELL: it will provide clean water for this entire village throughout the year, even during the dry season.
►$7,120—cost of drilling the well.
►$1,124—cost of the gravity feed water tower and storage tank.

SCHOOL FOR THE CHILDREN: These people have never attended school. They are 100% illiterate.
►$4,497—21’ x 30’ building

Soon she will have a school to attend
This ethnic group has been 100% illiterate.

ELECTRICITY: Installation of electricity for the entire village.
►$1,874—this will run the wires to the site from a distant location.

Even if you can only donate $5, $10, $50, or $100, every little bit will help in providing for these poor and exploited Christians.

Secure online giving can be accomplished WITH THIS LINK.

Posted March 21, 2017
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