$24,607 Donated toward a Jungle Settlement for a Clan of 300 Primitive People

$24,607 Donated toward a Jungle Settlement for a Clan of 300 Primitive People

The settlement as of May 2, 2017
Soon permanent structures will be built.

Due to generous donations from many in our home church (New Hope Christian Center, Waterloo, IN), as well as from those from churches, businesses, and individuals throughout the region, $24,607 has been given toward the new settlement (and other projects) we have reported on during the last few months. (The other projects was support for orphans and widows.)

The specific projects to be completed are:

►Water Well
►Water Tower

100% of the Donation went Toward the Project

It is a common practice for ministries and denominations to withhold 10-12% or more (some much, much more), from all donations they receive for special projects. The withheld money is applied to their administrative, and promotional expenses. We are very pleased to be able to say that that has never been our practice. One-hundred percent of that $24,607 went to the project.

We also have never received an offering during the county-wide revival prayer gatherings we’ve helped organize, and that has involved a lot of administrative and travel expenses. God has blessed us with faithful supporters, and because of that we have not had to place a large emphasis on finances during the county-wide events in the tri-state area.

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Posted May 28, 2017
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