Fresh Visitation

We All Need Fresh Visitations From God

Our previous post titled: “Prone to Wander,” we showed that the nation of Israel, the New Testament churches, as well as churches all throughout history, have followed a pattern of revival and decline.

Churches don’t always stay in a right relationship with God. They tend to depart from Him. When God’s people have departed from a right relationship with Him, they need revived.

One of the hardest things for us to confess is that we need a revival. A sure sign of a prideful person, or church, is for them to claim they aren’t in need of a fresh encounter with God. Humility is displayed when people sense and continually confess their need for a fresh visitation.

Marriage Analogy

Just like a divorce that begins when two people slowly drift apart, in the same way we don’t jump away from God. We drift. It usually takes time—a period of neglect, carelessness, or rebellious choices. Though an inferior analogy, a revival is like a “marriage seminar.” It is proactive action to maintain a high level of intimacy and unity.

Do we Really Need A Revival?

Questions to Ask:

1. Have movies and TV desensitized us to the effects and power of sin?

2. Do we find coarse humor in movies funny? Can we watch married or unmarried individuals in sex scenes and feel no conviction from the Holy Spirit? Have we grieved the Holy Spirit away?

3. Are we or our Christian friends consistently living in victory over sin?

4. Is our congregation growing to maturity in the knowledge of Christ?

5. Are we stimulated to good works to one another and in the community?

6. Are the majority of the believers in our church actively and effectively sharing their faith?

7. Is there a good representation of the church members at the scheduled prayer gatherings?

8. Do we love one another as Christ loves us?

9. Do we forgive others so that we may be forgiven?

10. Are we faithful with finances?

11. Are we displaying unity with other believers in our church, with other churches, and with Christians in other denominations?

12. Has our church lost its fervor and are caught up with things of the world?

13. Is our church influencing the community where it’s located?

14. Has our church given up, and does it embrace a “what’s-the-use?” mentality?

15. Have we or our church allowed the world to creep into our lives and have we become culturally conditioned?

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