Prayer During the Fast

Insignificance Without Prayer and Fasting

The ministry we work with overseas has always conducted corporate fasts during the months of May and November. On November 16-18 we participated in this fast with them. These few days twice per year have been invaluable for the long-term effectiveness of this ministry. The time is also used to evaluate what took place during the previous six months and year, and for make plans on how to improve for the next six months to one year.

Evaluations are Part of the Process

These times require bringing all the church-planters and ministry leaders to the location where the mother church is located, and several days of prayer and intensive discussions take place as everything imaginable is evaluated for efficiency and cost effectiveness. Every church-planter and ministry leader is required to be there and they are required to give a report to the group as to what the Lord did through their ministry during the previous months.

Food being set up on the right
for the corporate breaking of
the fast on Sat. Nov. 18, 2017

Recasting of the Vision

There is then a recasting of the vision by the ministry leader, and a challenge is given to everyone to write down their dreams, vision, or direction they believe the Lord would have them set as a goal for the coming six to twelve months. At the end of the next six months, evaluations are made, asking probing questions as to what worked, what didn’t work, what problems were encountered, and prayer and counsel is sought as to how challenges experienced can be overcome.

Food Line – Breaking the Fast Together

Goal of 100 Leaders

The major goal before the end of 2018 is to increase the number of leaders to 100. There was also a challenge made for every ministry to seek God on how they can increase their ministries effectiveness by 30%. We have been part of this ministry since 2006, and watching these dynamic leaders demonstrate courage in goal-setting year after year has been the most encouraging and delightful ministry experience I have ever had.


Oh how I long to see churches in the USA humble themselves and take steps of faith like our brothers and sisters in heavily persecuted lands!

Posted November 20, 2017
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