Delivery Boy Becomes Millionaire


Below are two of many successful business stories that have developed through the ministry Chet & Phyllis have been working with overseas. We believe the Lord set these businesses in place years in advance to help support the ministry that would develop in the coming years.


Delivery Boy Becomes Millionaire

This was the humble beginning for Mr. Sanjaya.

When Mr. Sanjaya (not his real name) was a young man, his job was pulling a cart around his large city delivering bread to restaurants. His pay was meager and the job physically demanding.

After a period of time the business he was working for went bankrupt and Mr. Sanjaya noticed an opportunity which he was able to capitalize on. Because he had developed relationships with many restaurants throughout his large city, he was able to continue delivering them bread, and through this he started his own businesses.

Dozens of Restaurants
Mr. Sanjaya not only continued to deliver bread, he also started his own bakery and dozens of restaurants which bear his own name. Today Mr. Sanjaya is very famous throughout the region and has become one of the major donors to the ever-expanding ministry we have been working with since 2006.


Furniture Store Turned Factory

This is a story of Mr. Ade (not his real name) and how he was prepared by the Lord to become a major contributor to a large ministry that was not yet even in existence.

Chet & Phyllis first met Mr. Ade in 2006 when they visited the overseas location where they are involved. Mr. Ade was serving the local church (of around 50 people) as a driver, and with Chet and Phyllis connecting with Mr. Ade’s recently started church, with only a small number of people at that time, he became Chet & Phyllis’s driver while they conducted research in that region.

Thirty Dollars Per Month Income 

Mr. Ade came from a very poor family, which left him with little to no prospects for a prosperous future. Around the year 2000, Mr. Ade’s income was only $30 per month. He was a very faithful man and has always sought the Lord in prayer for his needs to be met. Through his faithfulness the Lord has blessed him phenomenally.

Purchase of a $120,000 Home for $70,000

One financial blessing Mr. Ade experienced was with the purchase of a home. Because he was able to obtain a loan for a home without a down payment, he sought God in prayer for a house/shop combination, which he could live in as well as operate a business out of. He heard of a house that was for sale which had a value of well over $120,000.  Because Mr. Ade could only get a loan for $70,000, he made an offer on that property for that amount. The owner refused his offer, but several days later called Mr. Ade and said he would accept his $70,000 offer—and the purchase was made!

Within a short period of time after Mr. Ade made the purchase of his home, he received an offer from a man who wanted to buy his home from him for $130,000. Mr. Ade had never placed his property on the market and the offer came as a surprise. Even though there would have been a huge return on his investment, Mr. Ade refused the offer because his property was in a prime location from which he set up his furniture store.

And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth.   – Deut. 8:18

From Furniture Store to Factory Owner

The furniture store Mr. Ade started out of his home became successful. Several years later he learned of a furniture factory that was for sale, the cost of which was $300,000. Through prayer and counsel from the elders at his church, he took a step of faith and purchased that factory.

Not long after Mr. Ade purchased it, the factory’s value shot up to well over $700,000. Today the factory is much larger and is supplying furniture to stores in many different cities, many stores of which Mr. Ade owns. Through Mr. Ade’s factory and ownership of stores in many locations, he has been able to provide jobs for many Christians, who in return are contributing financially to the church’s ever-expanding ministry.

There are many other similar stories in this area where Chet & Phyllis are involved, in which God set things in motion years in advance to ensure that there would be finances available to support the phenomenal expansion we see taking place today.

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