Courageous Women

Courageous Women


Challenges of Living in Restricted Access Nations

While living overseas we had the pleasure of spending several weeks with a number of Bible College students whom we were trying to recruit for work in our area. One of the young ladies that did make such a commitment, Ms. Harum – on the right (not her real name), is still at work there, going into villages where many are fearful of entering!

These young ladies place themselves
in great jeopardy to share the Gospel (Nov. 2017).

During our recent visit overseas, we had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Harum, and though she had many stories to tell, we only had time to hear the following:

My (female) friend and I went to the village of Kulai (fictitious name) and looked for a person who would be open to the Gospel. We did find one lady who was open to discussing spiritual things, so we shared our faith with her and she was still very open to learning more. We then made the commitment to return the following week.

We came back the next week and spent time with her, taking her through biblical passages about who Jesus is, and her interest kept growing. We had made four visits with this lady, and on the final visit we encountered a serious problem. A mob of people assembled, threatening us with a beating because we came into their village teaching things different from the religion they have always followed and which every person in that village adheres to.

Typical of the dominant religion of that village, the children had been taught to hate Christians. They got sticks and were threatening to beat us. They began taunting us by crying out, “Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian.”

A group of men, together with religious leaders and teachers also assembled. They were challenging us and saying that we were not welcome in their village because we were teaching things that were not true. We were not intimidated by their threats and confidently said we weren’t teaching anything that wasn’t true, yet we were forced to leave.

We considered our visits to the village of Kulai as an amazing success, because our responsibility was to ensure everyone heard the Gospel message. After spending four weeks with that one lady from that village, we understood that she had repeatedly told the people in that village, from the religious leaders down to the children, everything we had told her—so in effect, the entire village had heard the Gospel message!

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