I learned a considerable amount from the USS Barry Revival. Most of what I experienced shaped the rest of my life. Tragically, most of what I learned was from errors that I had made. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes and pass those lessons along for the warning of others. It is my hope and expectation that many will learn from my failures, so when God decides to send a season of refreshing, others will be ready and won’t make the same mistakes I did.

To assist individuals as they pursue revival for themselves and for their churches, we have prepared a Revival Handbook. This handbook describes:

  1. What a revival is.
  2. How we as individuals (and churches) need continually revived.
  3. The many genuine revivals that have taken place during the last several hundred years.
  4. Why some fear and will oppose a God sent revival.
  5. How to pray for personal and church-wide revival.
  6. Revival principles that can be used to prepare the way for a genuine revival.
  7. Problems that can develop during a revival.
  8. Why revivals die.


My prayer is that God would use these stories and handbook to encourage and inspire believers in their pursuit of a genuine revival that will radically transform their personal life first, then that of their local fellowship, their community, then ultimately the world.

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