I was privileged to have had the opportunity to serve in the United States Navy from July, 1978 until April, 1987. The experiences I endured helped mature and develop me into who I am today. The following accounts are just a few of the events which took place during my first few years in the Navy while serving aboard the destroyer, the USS Barry (DD-933).

September 1978 USS Barry (DD-933)

USS Barry (DD-933)
September 1978

Although it was a great honor to have had the opportunity to serve my country, I feel even more honored to have had the opportunity to play a role in a small revival that took place aboard the USS Barry, in which we saw a number of our shipmates come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Through the way the Lord worked during those few years I was able to learn a lot about how revivals function. After having read extensively on revivals throughout history, it is acknowledged that the USS Barry Revival would not be considered massive when compared alongside of what took place in Wales (1904-1905), Azusa St. (1906-1915) or other great revivals but it was still a real revival in its own right, and the events that occurred displayed many of the same commonalities as these other revivals. To be able to capitalize on these rare and unique seasons of refreshing, it is vital that we understand the characteristics of these rare events, so that when they do happen in the future, and we are blessed to be a part of them, we will be able to retain the harvest they will inevitably produce.

I initially documented the events that took place on the Barry in 2007, well over two decades after they took place. I sincerely believe that everything is written exactly as it took place, but I acknowledge that memories can wane and a one-sided perspective can easily develop when others are not available to provide a balancing perspective.

Over the years, I have lost contact with every shipmate who served with me aboard the Barry. Since I was unable to obtain their input on these stories, out of respect for their privacy I have chosen to change their names.

If my shipmates ever get the opportunity to read this and would like to submit to me other events they recollect, or refine what has been written, I would very gladly welcome their input.

As military service personnel know, a real bonding takes place with fellow service members, especially with those you live with in very tight quarters and under grueling circumstances like we experienced during our deployments. Over the years I have frequently reflected back on my friendship with former shipmates, often praying for them when thoughts of them passed through my mind. It is my hope and prayer that many of them have continued on in their faithfulness to the Lord, and that they have enjoyed the last several decades in fruitful ministry.

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