Initial Stages

Herrnhut Moravian Community

►A divided Christian refugee community in the village of Herrnhut was made up primarily of the Moravian Church of the Brethren. With them were also Lutherans, Reformed, and Baptist believers. Their doctrinal differences created tremendous disunity.

►On May 12, 1727, the community entered into a covenant to emphasize the points they agree on, rather than stressing their differences.

►A period of extraordinary prayer followed.


Results of Unity and Extraordinary Prayer

►On August 13, 1727 the, the Moravian community was overwhelmed and filled with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at their communion service.

►There was a sense of the nearness of Christ given to everyone present, and also simultaneously to two members of their community working twenty miles away.

►They left that communion at noon, hardly knowing whether they belonged to earth or had already gone to heaven.



Moravians Bowing in Prayer
Women Top Level
Men on the Floor Level

We saw the hand of God and were all baptized with his Holy Spirit.

►From that time scarcely a day passed but we beheld His almighty workings amongst us.

►A great hunger after the Word of God took possession of us so that we had to have three services every day (5am; 7:30am; and 9pm).

►Everyone desired above everything else that the Holy Spirit might have full control.

►Self-love and self-will as well as all disobedience disappeared and an overwhelming flood of grace swept us all out into the great ocean of Divine Love.



Moravians, Male and Female
Prostrated in Prayer

►The Herrnhut congregation (which never exceeded 300 people) started an around the clock prayer meeting, and it went on for 100 years.

►This was the first protestant church body to begin missionary work.

►In the 25 years following the outpouring of the Spirit on the congregation on Aug. 13, 1727, the Moravian missionaries had carried the gospel not only to nearly every country in Europe, but also to many indigenous tribes in North and South America, Asia, and Africa.

►More than one hundred missionaries went forth from this village community in twenty-five years. This was more than what the whole evangelical church had done in two centuries.

►The Herrnhut community became a spiritual retreat center, visited by people from all parts of Europe seeking to be saved or to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and with fire.


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Source: Power from On High;
by Rev. John Greenfield