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Only 1 Spark: A Revival Handbook can be read—FREE—In its entirety on this website using the below table of content hyperlinks.

Only 1 Spark Cover 160 x 254This handbook was made to be a reference for individuals or churches who are interested in a genuine revival. Feel free to modify it to your theological perspective, then use it to preach from, teach in small groups, and distribute without cost as you see fit. Our only desire is for God to use it to create a hunger for more of Himself and that He in turn would send His promised seasons of refreshing.

Only 1 Spark: A Revival Handbook

What is a Revival?

Do We Need a Revival?

Where is God’s Power?

Contemporary Revivals

Why Some People Fear or Don’t Want Revivals

Praying for Revival

Preparing for Revival: How to Work with God to Initiate a Revival.

Traditionally Scheduled Revival Services

While in the Midst of a Revival

Revivals Last a Few Months to a Few Years

Revival Books

The Content of this Revival Handbook

Chet’s Confession:…. I confess—all the knowledge I have within me and all that I convey to others has never originated with me. Everything I am and will ever be has come from outside myself, and that includes all the information in this revival handbook (1 Cor. 4:7).

My practice in life has been to make copious notes from books I’ve read—intended for my personal use—so I didn’t always document the source. Because these notes were for my personal use, I also didn’t go to any great extreme to ensure the quotes were exact. While jotting down information from books, I would frequently intermingle my thoughts within the notes—as a form of journaling. Many of the things I’ve compiled in this revival handbook have been taken from these book notes and personal notes I made about them.

I am now living overseas, without access to original sources, and am incapable of obtaining them. For that reason I want to make it very clear that I make no claim of ownership to the content of this revival handbook. If I know the author or originator of the information I have cited the source, otherwise—this is my general disclaimer—none of this information originated with me.

Posted September 9, 2014