Beautiful Feet Newsletter October 2015

Chet & Phyllis Swearingen Missionaries and Revivalists

Chet & Phyllis Swearingen
Missionaries and Revivalists


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Uniting Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio
in Prayer for Revival / Awakening
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Merging Newsletters for Simplicity

Beginning with this newsletter we will combine the newsletters of Beautiful Feet and the Tri-State Revival Prayer Network. We were already partially doing this, but starting now we will combine them, but with a few minor exceptions between our hard-copy mailing and our e-Newsletter.

Report on the Noble County Indiana Revival

We conducted revival services from Sept. 15-18 for Noble County Indiana churches, and the result was an amazing unity that has developed between the pastors.

Prior to the revival services the pastors worked alone and rarely, if ever communicated. Now unity has been created among them and they have grown to greatly appreciate each other.

Noble County Indiana Pastors Making public confession and asking for forgiveness of other pastors in the area.

Noble County Indiana Pastors
making public confession and asking
for forgiveness of other
pastors in the area.

Picture on Right: Some of the Noble County Pastors sharing with the assembled congregations. This was following reconciliation that was made between several of the pastors.

In addition to the friendship that has developed between the pastors, there were many who responded to altar calls after sermons. It was a tremendous pleasure to see tears of repentance flowing down cheeks as people received prayer to be set free from bondages and addictions.

If your church, city, or even county, would be interested in talking with us about what a revival service would entail, and that could be for a single church, or even for many churches working together, let us know and we can set up a time to meet with interested pastors to discuss the opportunity.

Over 500 Churches to be United in Prayer in Preparation for Revival / Awakening

The Tri-State Revival Prayer Gathering that took place on Sept. 15, in Montpelier, OH was a tremendous success, as pastors and intercessors from thirty-five counties were involved in praying for revival for 3 hours!

Chet.BillandBarb.TnieshaJones.2Picture at Right: Minister Tniesha Jones, Pastors Barb & Bill Herzog (Toledo & Perrysburg, OH), and Chet Swearingen.

After the event we sent out requests for attendees to reply with their evaluations. One pastor responded with the suggestion of conducting similar prayer gatherings, but on more of a local level. Through an effort like what was suggested, we believe over 500 churches can easily be united in prayer, and we ask that you join with us in prayer about this possibility.IMG_1113.2

Picture at Right: Pastor Richard Blank (Tipton, MI); Pastors Brian & Denise Grothe (Tipton, MI); Pastors Vic & Paula Holtz (Monroe, MI).






Above Picture: Chet Swearingen with Pastor Pat Bossio and team from CHRISTfamily Church in Brownstown, MI

One major drawback is that the planning and organization for these events is not cost free. We received absolutely no money for the event held in Montpelier, OH, and if we were to do that again, and even expand it by conducting them in counties all over the tri-state area (35+ counties), we will need significant funding to make it happen.

If you feel the Lord would have you be a part in laying a solid foundation of prayer, in preparation for revival, please consider supporting this effort with your financial gifts.

Your Prayers are Vital!

The presence of God was undeniably manifested during the Tri-State Revival Prayer Gathering in Montpelier, OH on September 15th, and we strongly sensed his presence at the Noble County revival services as well.

Tri-State Revival Prayer Gathering: Chet & Phyllis Swearingen; Miranda & Pastor Benaiah Harris (Montpelier, OH); Pastor Galena Conatser (Livonia, MI); Pastor Mark & Jill Yurich (Warren, MI).

Tri-State Revival Prayer Gathering:
Chet & Phyllis Swearingen;
Miranda & Pastor Benaiah Harris (Montpelier, OH);
Pastor Galena Conatser (Livonia, MI);
Pastor Mark & Jill Yurich (Warren, MI).

We know that a visitation of God does not happen by chance. This awareness of His close presence is only realized through prayer.

If you are not on our intercessor list, and would like to be, please send us an email asking to be placed on that list, or sign up on our website (bottom left side of any page)….

Picture at left: Pastor Craig Bard (Edgerton, OH); Pastor Roger & Vicki Dilley (Fort Wayne, IN); Phyllis & Chet Swearingen

Our Feet Overseas

Our ministry partners overseas have received a grant from the Maclellan Foundation in the amount of $125,000. This generous grant is going to enable the church-planting movement to continue at the rapid rate it is now experiencing!


Preschools and the Expansion of Church-Planting Efforts

Our ministry partners have informed us that the schools that have been started have proven themselves to be effective in evangelistic work. The teachers and administrators develop relationships with the students and then with the student’s parents. This has been leading to the start of churches in these parents’ homes!

The Wednesday night children’s ministry at our home church (New Hope Christian Center, Waterloo, IN) has been collecting offerings for funding the startup of a school. When we travel overseas this month we will look into how we can make a connection between the school administrators, teachers, and children, and see if there will be a way we can create some type of a pen-pal system to open communications between our home church and a school that will be started.

If you, your church, or business, would like to fund the startup of one of these schools, or provide ongoing support for a teacher or student(s), please let us know and we will give you the details on how it can happen.


Kids without a School
These two kids (and all the kids in their village) do not have a school to attend. Our desire was to get one started for them. We have started 3 schools in the area since 2011, and hope to confirm that the 4th is running when we visit this month.



In 2011 we started the first school. The second one was started in 2013, and the 3rd in 2014. We were told there was one more, but we will have to confirm that this month during our visit.

Picture at Right: First school that was started.


Primitive Ethnic Groups
Several of the schools we’ve helped start have been among primitive ethnic groups, who only recently began wearing clothes and living in permanent homes. The older generations are still adhering to the nomadic lifestyle.

Picture on Right: Our ministry partner’s missions director with children from a primitive ethnic group. Note the two boys on the right. They only wear a flap in the front to cover themselves. The back is open.


This little girl, and others like her have never visited a doctor or dentist.

This little girl, and others
like her have never visited a doctor or dentist.

Never Seen a Doctor or Dentist

Around the middle of October we will return overseas for a few weeks and will be taking a group of medical professionals with us. To make this happen we are networking with the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA). The missions pastor from our home church (New Hope Christian Center, Waterloo, IN) will also be joining us—it will be nice to have the company!

In October of 2014 we had the director of CMDA come and survey our province to see if it would be feasible to bring a team to conduct clinics. During his visit he saw the challenges that are faced here, primarily due to; 1) the primitive living conditions; 2) a lack of adequate infrastructure; 3) and security risks, and he thought that he could do medical clinics, but on a much smaller scale than what he is accustomed to conducting. Many of the CMDA’s mission trips include up to 30-50 medical professionals, whereas the trip to our location will be limited to 7-10.

The Director of the CMDA who visited us last year.

The Director of the CMDA
who visited us last year.

In addition to those 10 doctors, each one of them will need a translator, plus a few additional local believers to assist with various ministry related tasks. There is also a possibility of not just 10 translators, but 20, because some ethnic groups require 2 translators to communicate with. One translator is needed to translate from their language into the national language, then another person to translate from that language to English. We experienced that last year when we visited a particular primitive ethnic group. It was like playing the children’s game “telephone.”