Tri-State Revival Prayer Network Newsletter: Dec. 2014

Seeking God for a Genuine Awakening

(God is Always First)

Pastors, we want to express our sincerest appreciation to you in making a commitment to lead your congregations in prayer for a revival in the Tri-State region of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

As we indicated on our website page where you signed up, this network was developed specifically to unify evangelical churches in our region to pray for a revival. These are churches in which God has already been speaking to about the need for a revival.

God is always first. No man can take the credit for launching a revival. In every historic awakening God was always at work long before any person came on the scene. We know He’s been stirring the hearts of many people in our region for a number of years and we want to be part of what He is doing. We’re thankful you are too!

Initial Prayer Topic

We all believe in the power of prayer and we also believe that additional power comes from many people praying in unison. For that reason we recommend that our first focus for prayer would be specifically for the evangelical churches in our region that the Lord has been speaking to about a regional revival. We want them to become aware of this prayer network and that they would join with us in prayer.

Since August 2014 we have been asking the Lord to unite 30 churches in prayer for a revival. One church in each of the border counties of IN, MI, and OH. We’re not in a hurry to fill up the table at the bottom of our website page with names of churches. Our goal is to connect with pastors and churches the Holy Spirit has already been dealing with about revival in our region.

During the month of December and into January, please invite intercessors in your church to pray so that the Lord would sovereignly connect us with the specific evangelical churches in the various counties around the region that He would have join this prayer network.

There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not begin in united prayer.   —J. Edwin Orr

Every mighty move of the Spirit of God has had its source in the prayer chamber.   —E. M. Bounds

 Have a Merry Christmas!

  —Chet & Phyllis

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