Balanced Approach to Revivals

Balanced or Extreme?

Because of the highly charged nature of revivals, it is common for people to allow themselves to get worked up into a frenzy anticipating the revival, and if the revival doesn’t occur according to their time schedule, deep disillusionment can easily set in.

Revivals take place when God determines. They never originate with humans. Revivals cannot be “worked up.” There are spiritual conditions that we as believers must meet before a revival can be expected, but fulfilled conditions cannot force the timetable of God.

Two extremes people commonly take, as it pertains to the preparation for revivals, are as follows:

The First Extreme — If a revival is going to take place everything is dependent on us. God is waiting to open the windows of heaven and pour down the refreshing rains of revival, but we have to first demonstrate to Him that we really want it, and we demonstrate that deep desire through humility, fasting, prayer, deep sanctification, consecration, etc.

The Second Extreme — God is sovereign and He will send a revival in His timing and nothing we do can alter his sovereign will.

Balanced Approach

As we study each revival as recorded in the Bible, as well as revivals that have occurred down through the centuries, we note that prior to each revival there have always been certain conditions that God’s people met prior to the revival being sent. We must diligently prepare for revival, just as we would prepare a field for planting. This involves preparing the soil of our hearts through consecration, sanctification, humility, prayer and fasting; but ultimately the timing of the revival is determined by God. He alone decides when He will send the rains of refreshing.

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