Antagonists and Confrontations

While the USS Barry Revival was in progress we would often have to deal with the scoffers and those who would ridicule the work of God. Duane would often enter into conversation with the new believers, pretending to befriend them. But the conversations always turned towards sinful acts—of a sexual nature. This was his way of bringing torment and disruption into the work of the Lord. People like Duane were like a thorn in the side. They didn’t cause permanent harm, but they were a wearying nuisance.

Duane is on the right. At the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco May 4, 1979
Duane is on the right.
At the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco
May 4, 1979

One of the higher-ranking officers aboard the Barry was a Catholic, and he became quite inflamed upon discovering we had been distributing literature that was very anti-Catholic in nature. In the military there is supposed to be a certain tolerance when it comes to individual beliefs, so when we were presenting a challenge to the worshipping of statues, praying to the dead, confessing sins to a man, and having that man assigning penance to absolve sins, we believed we should challenge those beliefs and help people get set free!

Benteng at the Monaco Palace May 4, 1979
Chet at the Monaco Palace
May 4, 1979

The problems we experienced with this officer were all brought on because we were young, immature, and lacking in wisdom in how to approach different religious beliefs.

There were many things we could have done differently, and most probably would have reaped an even larger harvest, if we would have been more spiritually mature and experienced in our walk with the Lord. Many reports of revival leave off the ugly details and focus almost exclusively on the “glory.” It is my hope and expectation that the negative aspects about revivals that I am sharing will prevent anyone from becoming disillusioned if a revival doesn’t turn out how they imagined.

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