Bio & Ref Info for Chet Swearingen & Beautiful Feet

Chet & Phyllis Swearingen
Missionaries and Revivalists

Chet Swearingen is a multi-generational minister who served 8 years in the U.S. Navy, during which time he was involved with a revival on board his first ship. After this he worked 12 years in power plants and industrial maintenance positions. During those twenty years he served in a variety of ministry related roles, obtained his Ph.D from International Seminary, and served as a bi-vocational associate pastor.

From 1999-2009 Chet served full-time as an associate pastor at New Hope Christian Center in Waterloo, IN. On May 17, 1998 Chet led his home church in the adoption of an Unreached People Group in a restricted access nation.

In 2009 Chet & his wife Phyllis moved to that nation to work alongside local believers in initiating a church-planting movement among their home church’s adopted Unreached People Group. In just a few years the ministry in that country became very successful and by mid-2017 there were 80 churches planted.

Though still highly involved with the work among their adopted Unreached People Group, Chet & Phyllis returned to the USA the first part of 2015 to unite churches in the tri-state region of IN, MI, and OH for revival. This revival focus led to the creation of the ministry Beautiful Feet and the Tri-State Revival Prayer Network, which now covers a 35+ county area and involves many denominations and independent churches.

Chet & Phyllis were married on June 9, 1984 and have two grown children.



Home Church

New Hope Christian Center in Waterloo, IN

  • Have attended our church since 1995.
  • The Sr. Pastor has been there since 1980—he knows us well.
  • Have served in a full-time staff position for 10 year at our home church.
  • My wife and I were sent out as missionaries by our home church to live and work among our church’s adopted unreached people group.
  • We are still highly involved with our work overseas and make return ministry visits.
  • We occasionally preach at our home church.
  • Our home church supports us financially with the work we are doing overseas as well as the work in the tri-state area.


Pastors and their wives at Chet & Phyllis Swearingen's sending church: New Hope Christian Center (Waterloo, IN) L-R: Layna Diehl; Pastor Adam Diehl; Pastor Ralph Diehl; Anita Diehl; Robin Pike;Phyllis Swearingen; Pastor Jeff Pike; Chet Swearingen

Pastors and Wives at Chet & Phyllis Swearingen’s Sending Church:
L-R: Layna Diehl; Pastor Adam Diehl; Pastor Ralph Diehl; Anita Diehl; Robin Pike;Phyllis Swearingen; Pastor Jeff Pike; Chet Swearingen



List of Ministry Locations Since March 2015

Some locations we’ve preached at several times.

  • New Hope Christian Center (Waterloo, IN; Chet & Phyllis’ home church)
  • House or Refuge (Hillsdale, MI)
  • Rock Church (Defiance, OH)
  • Destiny Family of Faith (Kendallville, IN)
  • The Rock (Fort Wayne, IN)
  • Three Rivers Worship Center (Fort Wayne, IN)
  • True Believer’s Fellowship (Holgate, OH)
  • The Cupbearer (Auburn, IN)
  • Victory Center Ministries (Taylor, MI)
  • CHRISTfamily Church (Brownstown, MI)
  • Paulding Family Worship Center (Paulding, OH)
  • Cornerstone Christian Fellowship (Lapeer, MI)
  • Eastgate Community Church (Marion, IN)
  • Delphos First Assembly of God (Delphos, OH)
  • Oasis of Love (Coldwater, MI)
  • World Harvest Assembly of God (Quincy, MI)
  • Living Water Worship Center (Angola, IN)
  • Monroe Vineyard Church (Monroe, MI)
  • Templo Cristiano (Archbold, OH)
  • Temple of Praise (Defiance, OH)
  • House of Prayer (Montpelier, OH: Tri-State Revival Prayer Gathering)
  • Destiny Family of Faith (Kendallville, IN)
  • Revival services for churches of Noble County Indiana (Kendallville, IN)
  • Churches Overseas (undisclosed location)
  • Lake Missionary Church (Angola, IN)
  • Word Fellowship Church (Centreville, MI)
  • Sozo Church (Hillsdale, MI)
  • Victory Fellowship Church (Newaygo, MI)
  • Freedom Christian Fellowship (Norwalk, OH)
  • Gospel Lighthouse (Coldwater, MI)
  • Calvary Baptist (Hillsdale, MI)
  • Paulding Church of the Nazarene (Paulding, OH)
  • First Christian Church of Paulding (Paulding, OH
  • Hillsdale United Brethren (Hillsdale, MI)
  • Jamestown Church (Jamestown, IN)
  • Hillsdale Church of the Nazarene (Hillsdale, MI)
  • New Heart Ministries (Coldwater, MI)
  • Pathways House of Prayer (Battle Creek, MI)
  • Knox Evangelical Presbyterian Church (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Evangelical Friends Church (Ypsilanti, MI)
  • The Gathering Place (Defiance, OH)
  • Beautiful Feet Celebration (Paulding County Ohio–Wayne Trace H.S.)
  • Lifehouse Ministries (Tipton, MI)
  • International Restoration Church (Fort Wayne, IN)





Up to 40 churches participated in some counties.

July 24, 2016: Branch Co. Michigan

Revival Prayer Gatherings & Beautiful Feet Celebrations (evangelistic outreaches)

These events were regional, as well as county-wide.

► September 15, 2015: Tri-State Revival Prayer Gathering—Montpelier, OH (House of Prayer)

 ► March 29, 2016: Henry, Fulton, Defiance & Williams County Revival Prayer Gathering—Four County Career Center in Archbold, OH)

► April 23, 2016: Tri-State Revival Prayer Gathering—Waterloo, IN (New Hope Christian Center)

August 22: Calhoun County Michigan Revival Prayer Gathering

August 22, 2016: Calhoun County Michigan

► July 14, 2016: DeKalb County Youth Revival Prayer Gathering—DeKalb Outdoor Theater in Auburn, IN.

► July 24, 2016: “The Call”—Branch County Michigan Revival Prayer Gathering—Branch Co. Fairgrounds. We did not organize this. We simply made the suggestion and the community pastors made it happen. We did participate in leading prayer at the event.

► July 26, 2016: Hillsdale County Michigan Revival Prayer Gathering—Davis Middle School in Hillsdale, MI.

July 26, 2016: Hillsdale Co. Michigan

July 26, 2016: Hillsdale Co. Michigan

► August 11, 2016: DeKalb County Revival Prayer Gathering—DeKalb Outdoor Theater—Auburn, IN.

► August 22, 2016: “One Call – One Voice”, Calhoun County Michigan Revival Prayer Gathering—Stuart’s Landing—Marshall, MI.

► September 11, 2016:CRY OUT AMERICA.” We led prayer at the county courthouse in Noble County IN, as part of this nation-wide revival prayer movement.

► October 4, 2016: “IGNITE” – Paulding County Ohio’s revival prayer gathering. Paulding High School Auditorium.

January 15, 2017: “The Call” — Branch County Michigan Revival Prayer Gathering. We did not organize this, but we did participate in leading prayer and we have a great relationships with the pastors in this county. Took place at First Baptist Church of Coldwater, MI.

January 23, 2017: “IGNITE II” — Paulding County Ohio’s second revival prayer gathering. Took place at the Paulding High School auditeria.

July 16-19, 2017: Beautiful Feet Celebration in Paulding County, Ohio. This was conducted at the Wayne Trace High School gymnasium.




We Served as Missionaries with Pioneers Mission Agency

REFERENCE LETTER: The Pioneers Area Leader we served under wrote the below letter to our home church upon our departure from  the area where we served. Sensitive information is omitted (contact us for specifics).

From: xxxxxxxx [name of Pioneers Mission Agency Regional Leader]
Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 5:21 AM
To: New Hope Christian Center [Waterloo, IN]
Subject: From xxxxxxx [ their area] – about the Swearingens

Church Planter Addressing a Gathering

Church Planter Preaching in a Village

Dear Pastors and staff at New Hope Christian Center, My name is XXXXXX  XXXXXX [name of Pioneers Mission Agency Regional Leader]. Before Chet and Phyllis Swearingen left  XXXXXX [their area}  to return to the US I had the pleasure of serving as their Area Leader with PIONEERS. I should’ve written you some time ago, but I did want to take the time now to write you about Chet and Phyllis.

I have been in  XXXXXXXXX  [the larger area in reference] for just over 10 years now. I met Chet and Phyllis before they arrived here and then for the first few years I would see them in our leadership meetings where we (Chet and I) were both team leaders (TL). As a TL, I was quite focused on my work within my team, so I really didn’t get to know Chet and Phyllis and what they were doing until I became an Area Leader about 3 years ago. During that time and since, I have been deeply blessed by their faithfulness and the strength of their faith.

Meal preparation in a village close to a jungle school we helped start.

Meal preparation in a village close
to a jungle school we helped start.

Life in  XXXXXX  [ their area] was not easy. Of all the places I visit across   XXXXXXXXX [the larger area in reference] , I think  XXXXXX [their area ]  is the hardest/ugliest place to live. I used to talk to Chet about what he and Phyllis would do for fun, or ways that they might find some enjoyment. Their response was always, “We didn’t really come here to have fun.” I thought that was just a ‘quip-ish” answer when I first heard it, but as I got to know them I realized that, indeed, they had come to dive into a work that was hard and they were ok if things weren’t ‘fun’. Often I would encourage Chet to get Phyllis out of town or do something where they could enjoy themselves from time to time, and they did when they felt like it was necessary. I learned from them (and others) that not everyone needs the same kind of ‘rest and renewal’ that I need. Chet and Phyllis are an example to me for what it means to be faithful.

Not only faithful, but Chet and Phyllis did an amazing job of working together with XXXXXXXX [local people]. This is an area where, unfortunately, I have found much trouble among our workers. Chet and Phyllis knew how to work together with nationals in a healthy way.  I went to XXXXXX [their area]  a couple of weeks before the Swearingens moved back to the US. I wanted to be able to sit down with them and talk about their experiences in xxxxxx [their area], ways that I could’ve served them better, and how the future looked to them. We had a great day together remembering what the Lord had done in their lives and through their ministry, and talking about the next chapter in their lives. Another reason I wanted to go down to see them was that I wanted to be able to thank the nationals that the Swearingens had been working with. We went out to dinner with Pastor A and his wife. Pastor A had had some negative experiences with western workers in the past. He shared some of those experiences with Chet and Phyllis and I as we sat and ate. Then he said that not only were his experiences with the Swearingens positive, but that he was wide open to continue to work with others in our organization because of how much he respected and appreciated Chet and Phyllis. To me, this was one of the highest compliments that he could’ve given Chet and Phyllis.

Monthly Church Planter Meeting

Monthly Church Planter Meeting

In our line of work, most of us realize that the real ‘difference makers’ are our national partners. But in reality, all too often, we bring a lot of ‘diseases’ along with whatever we hope will be a blessing. I am on my way to a city next week to try to help negotiate a conflict between expats and an important national leader. Our western culture and much of the way we conduct our ministries actually has a way of creating a lot of problems rather than serving and being a blessing. I mention this because I think it’s important that you understand how the Swearingens were a TRUE BLESSING to those that will continue the ministry long after they’ve been back in the US. The ones that, undoubtedly, God will use to change the spiritual landscape of xxxxxx [the larger area in reference]  and the world have been encouraged and empowered in deep and meaningful ways through the work the Swearingens did in xxxxxxx [their area].

Splinting a broken leg with strips of bamboo.

Splinting a broken leg with strips of bamboo.

The spiritual fruit that is being harvested in xxxxx [their area] is unlike anything that is happening anywhere else in xxxxxxx [the larger area in reference]. The Swearingens ministry partners are meeting new people every day who do not know the Lord and are inviting them into the Kingdom! In the last few years they have baptised close to 150 people and have been a part of seeing more than 30 new congregations started. Chet and Phyllis confirm that well more than 1000 new people in the last 2 years alone are worshiping Jesus for the first time! They will be quick to tell you that it wasn’t them that did the work, and of course it wasn’t. But the Lord has used them greatly in growing His kingdom in xxxxxxx [the larger area in reference], and I along with many others, have been deeply blessed by them.

I am writing to say thank you! Thank you to you as the leaders of their home church in the US. Thank you for sending quality people to the field who will leave behind a legacy of blessed and empowered workers! I’m also writing to help the Swearingens know how much they were appreciated both by me, and especially by those they ministered to and with.

For God’s glory!


XXXXX  XXXXX [name of area leader]

PIONEERS Area Leader xxxxxxx (Region where he leads)


Contact us for specifics on the sensitive information.