Tri-State Revival 21-Day Fast

Hundreds of Churches & Thousands of Believers

Uniting thousands of believers
and hundreds of churches in prayer
for revival.

During January 2016 (one year ago) we invited thousands of believers and hundreds of churches throughout the tri-state region of IN, MI, and OH to unite for 21-Days of prayer & fasting for revival. We have seen amazing developments during the last year and things are not slowing down.

This year we are inviting an even larger number of churches and believers to fast and pray 21-days during the month of January.

The believers of Paulding County Ohio will be fasting from January 3 through January 23, concluding on the evening when they conduct their second county-wide revival prayer gathering (IGNITE II).

Maybe you and your church would consider fasting in unity with Paulding County, or you could set your own dates.

The fast is voluntary with every individual deciding what they will fast from.

  • Fasting guidelines can be found on our website with this link.
  • Below are some suggestions for praying for revival. They originate from our revival handbook, “Only 1 Spark.”

Praying for Revival

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